Some of our biggest customers today were small once. Our scope covers enterprises of all shapes and sizes from sole owner/operator operations right through to international corporations. No job is too large or too small, as we have the specialists in our team to help, no matter what stage of growth your business is at.

Firstly our goal is to keep the moments you feel you need support to a minimum by doing things right first time round, but when it does happen we respond and react promptly, plus we’re always pleased to hear from our clients if they need general help or guidance.

Our normal approach is that we set-up tailored support for our clients with dedicated email addresses, freephone numbers and reporting tools creating bespoke cover which matches your needs.

Our own cohere developed products, such as cohereMail® and MOTORDAT® come with support systems built-in, that are responded to by specialists that look after that product line.

Whilst our head office is in the south east of England, we have divisions based elsewhere in the UK and in the international markets we operate in. We also don’t expect you to come to us (although you’re very welcome!), we generally visit our clients, which often helps us better understand their business needs.

For ongoing communication, mobile working and communication is a big part of our business, so be rest assured that we won’t let that get in the way.

Yes, we have a popular reseller programme and invite interest from quality partners who share our values towards excellence in customer service and our obsession with high quality from both within the UK and across global markets. Call us on 0808 123 0000 or use the website contact form to make an enquiry.